The Ancient Parish of Kings Norton

MapThe Ancient Parish of Kings Norton grew from the northern part of the Parish of Bromsgrove, and spread from Wythall in the south to Balsall Heath in the north and from Rubery in the west to Hollywood in the east. It covered areas in both of the counties of Warwickshire and of Worcestershire. In 1822, the parish map looked like this.

The Kings Norton United Charities is a name for a gathering of several smaller charities which have existed for various lengths of time, all for the "relief of need" or to give support to education in the area of the Ancient Parish of Kings Norton.

The Kings Norton United Charities incorporates the Avenant Almshouse Fund (formerly called the Almshouses of Mr Avenant) with and the United Charities consisting of:

Most were in the form of rents from land or property. Today, these lands or properties have been sold. The income from these proceeds of sale was then invested to ensure the continuation of the charitable funds. The charity is registered with the Charity Commissioners (No. 202225) under schemes dated 1868, 1915, 1921, 1924 and most recently 26th August 1969.

Originally, the Vicar of Kings Norton and his churchwardens were, with 12 "respectable persons", appointed as non-official trustees to administer the charity. The first trustees were farmers, manufacturers, solicitors and gentlemen drawn from across the Ancient Parish.

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